Once upon a time there was a brave, but confused young man named Aiden. One day he decided to prove his worth by rescuing a princess, so he set out to ask the king if there was one in danger. 

On his way to the castle, Aiden ran into a nobleman. 

“Help!” the nobleman cried. “A dragon has robbed me of my inheritance from my recently deceased father. I am overcome with disappointment, as I’ve had plans for that money for years.”

Enraged by this injustice, Aiden marched into the dragon’s cave and slew it on the spot. With its dying breath, the dragon explained that it was trying to ease the burden of an oppressed village of serfs by giving them gold. 

Overcome with remorse, Aiden swore to see the task done. When the nobleman came to collect what was stolen from him, Aiden had him promise to deliver the gold. When he offered to bury the body as well, Aiden was overjoyed at the nobleman’s respect for the dragon, and neglected to check if he was crossing his fingers. A year later an autobiography entitled “The Nobleman Who Slew The Dragon” became a bestseller. Also every guest in the nobleman’s home was shown his prized dragon skin tapestry. 

Nonetheless, Aiden continued his journey to the castle. A couple blocks away from the gate, a girl cried out from her bedroom window.

“Help! I’m captured by the dragon!”

A wooden dragon rolled outside the window on wheels, with a child’s voice coming from inside, saying “roar!”

Hearing this, Aiden rushed to aid. He stopped next to a boy who looked a year older than the girl. 

“I will save you!” The boy said heroically.

“Brave boy,” Aiden interjected, “who is that young maiden?” 

“That’s my sister. She’s the princess.”

“Brother of the princess! I stand before royalty!” Aiden bowed.

“No time for that! Let’s save my sister!”

“Indeed!” Aiden drew his sword and beheaded the wooden dragon.

“Billy!” The boy shouted with worry.

“I’m okay.” Another boy poked his head out the top of the dragon. 

“Young man you should be grateful the dragon doesn’t chew before it swallows. I trust you two can bring the princess to safety.” Aiden bowed. “I bid thee farewell.”

With that Aiden turned and, having rescued a princess, returned home feeling accomplished.