Pokémon theme parody by Chris Brown

I wear a bright orange vest

When I check the parking lot

Taking money, well I’m the best

Crew Trainer is my job

Customers come across the land

From everywhere they drive

I hope that you will understand

It’s twelve minutes on those pies
McDonald’s (gotta serve ’em all)

It’s you and me

The line’s long so please hurry

McDonald’s (gotta serve ’em all)

We’ll park that car

Because the line goes out too far

McDonald’s (gotta serve ’em all)

Come back after eleven

We’ll have the lunch menu then

McDonald’s (gotta serve ’em all)

You know what to do

You pay me and I’ll serve you

Mc-Don-ald’s (gotta serve ’em all)

Gotta serve ’em all