*The Joker belongs to DC Comics. This is written as fan fiction.

A prisoner started laughing through his gag.

Joker scowled at him. “What are you laughing at? We haven’t gotten anywhere near the punchline!” He pulled the gag off.

“Of course you did!” He let out some more chuckles. “You called yourself crazy!” The man continued laughing as if this were the funniest thing he had ever heard.

“I am crazy! Would a sane person dress as a clown and terrorize a city with cheap, murderous pranks in order to get one costumed nutcase to admit the pointlessness of life?”

“That’s the thing! You’re not crazy at all. This world really is pointless. You’re holding a grudge against it for lying to you and trying to hide its pointlessness. Now you’re spreading the news that it’s all pointless to those who haven’t found out on their own.”

“Really.” Joker gave his prisoner a look that could be described as grim, disappointed, and angry.

“I suppose you were looking forward to informing me. Sorry to disappoint.”

“Don’t think that will stop me from killing you.”

“Oh that’s fine. I’m not of this world anyway. Want to see something really crazy?”

“You think you can out crazy me?” Joker laughed. “Show me. It may be your final act.”

“I forgive you.”

Joker’s eyes widened. “What?”

“For everything you’ve done to me, and everything you will do, I forgive you.”

Joker’s jaw dropped. “You…You can’t mean it! It’s not possible!”

“I told you it’s crazy.”